If you regularly ship product, you may already know the benefit of shrink wrapping your deliveries.

Poly, better known as shrink wrap, is a revolutionary material that has long been essential to the shipping industry. Cratex Industries Ltd. offers poly in both standard, flame retardant, white shrink wrap and VCI rust-inhibiting shrink wrap– an innovative answer to the dangers of saltwater and humidity.

Our white shrink wrap is industrial-grade poly, which comes in a variety of thicknesses, which deflects the damage caused by harmful exposure to sun, road conditions and moisture. VCI poly extends your protection by emitting an anti-corrosive vapour that is totally harmless and free of residue. Cratex Industries Ltd. can also apply a wide range of sprays, coatings and treatments tailored to your product, your shipping method and the shipping environment. Our team of experts can also wrap for scaffolding and hoarding.

No matter what you create or where you send it, Cratex Industries Ltd. has a shrink wrap solution for you!

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