Hood & Spot Crating

Hood crating may be used as a packaging solution for material that is over dimensional or too heavy for a wood deck. It protects your product from theft and damage due to transportation.

Spot crating is also used for trucks or drivable machinery. This kind of crating utilizes hinged doors and sliding plywood windows to allow the product to be protected by a crate and still be drivable. This enables the product to be driven onto a flat bed truck for highway transport or even onto an ocean carrier for overseas transport.


Industrial poly gives your item protection from water, road contamination and harmful UV rays. This is a cost-effective way to ensure excellent protection from the elements.


VCI poly shrink wrap is your first line of defense versus rust and other corrosion. Shipping overseas? We can make the risks caused by saltwater and humidity a thing of the past thanks to the innovative, reliable advances of VCI poly. The proprietary shrink wrap gives off a vapour that eliminates the electrochemical reaction that causes rust. This revolutionary process is harmless, invisible and odourless, leaving no residue– your customers will enjoy dry, clean product or material no matter where they are!

Specific transportation, storage and climate conditions may require more than the baseline protection of VCI poly shrink wrap. Cratex Industries Ltd. maintains a cutting edge selection of sprays, coatings and other treatments that can help enhance or maintain the stability of your shipped items.

Rig Moves

Cratex Industries has the manpower, expertise and equipment to prepare rigs of any type or size for national and international shipment.

Shipping Saddles

Custom fabricated saddles are used to support heavy material or sensitive material that requires an even weight carry. Cratex expertise and experience are valuable assets when determining the amount and size of saddles to be used.


Flat racks are professionally secured for the safety of the product. The rail yards have strict rules and regulations for the securing of cargo and Cratex is diligent in following all specified requirements.

Stencils and Placards

Once the pros at Cratex Industries Ltd. secure your shipment on a skid or in a crate, we move on to a final and essential step: applying all the necessary labels, markings and placards. These are vital to the safe and efficient delivery of your product or materials. Thanks to our up-to-date and extensive knowledge of the industry, you can trust that all orders at Cratex Industries Ltd. are given the appropriate markings and handling instructions.

Our stencils are computer-drawn and machine-cut to ensure exact precision, produced in-house by experienced staff. The stencils are then applied using waterproof, indelible ink tested for durability in all conditions. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your shipping labels were applied by the experts here at Cratex Industries Ltd.

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