Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are commodities that when shipped pose a risk or danger to people, animals or environment.

Here at Cratex industries we are committed to providing our customer with code and regulation specific packaging and documentation of IATA (AIR), IMDG (SEA) and TDG (LAND) transportation.

Dangerous Goods fall within 9 classes. Cratex Industries has certified personnel on site to be able to determine which of the 9 classes that your product falls under.

Class 1-Explosives

Class 2-GasesIMO Logo
2.1-Flammable Gas
2.2-Non-Flammable Gas

Class 3-Flammable Liquids

Class 4-Flammable Solids
4.1-Flammable Solids
4.2-Spontaneous Combustibles
4.3-Dangerous When Wet

Class 5-Oxidizing Substances and Organic PeroxidesIATA logo
5.2-Organic Peroxides

Class 6-Toxic (Poisonous) and Infectious Substances
6.1-Toxic Substances
6.2-Infectious Substances

Class 8-Corrosives

Class 9-Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

We are committed to find the most effective way to package and transport your material with time restraints and with cost effectiveness in mind.

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