The world seems much smaller now thanks especially to the complex, high tech shipping network that encircles the globe. Worldwide trade has brought us closer together and opened up a whole new path of collaboration and innovation. Don’t be intimidated by rigorous standards and intimidating regulations, allow Cratex Industries Ltd. to take the complexity out of shipping sea containers for you!

Our dedicated staff is ready to load, block and brace your sea containers to prepare them for a safe delivery. Whether our team is working for you in the field or here consolidating your shipping in-house, you can relax knowing the sea containers you ship and receive will be handled safely, responsibly and efficiently. Cratex Industries Ltd. is also up-to-date on all shipping regulation and requirement, helping you avoid paperwork, red tape and other consequences. Invest in productivity and reliability, contact Cratex Industries Ltd. and ask about sea containers today.


In order to avoid damage to your material, proper loading, blocking and bracing is essential. Cratex uses IPPC certified lumber for all dunnage used in container blocking and bracing. IPPC dictates strict requirements for shipments into the majority of countries around the world to which Cratex material complies. See ISPM certification.

Cratex is aware and up to date with procedures by all rail lines with regard to container loading specifications. Working in conjunction with the freight forwarder, we are able to complete all necessary forms when requested.

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