Additional Services

Dangerous Goods Packaging

At Cratex we provide specialty packaging of dangerous goods. We have qualified staff that are trained in the transport of dangerous goods for ground (TDG), air (IATA) and marine (IMDG). We pride ourselves on properly preparing documents and packaging to meet all international specifications.

Cratex can supply and advise as to the required marks and documentation for shipping hazardous materials by air, truck and ocean. For more information on Dangerous Goods, please see our Certifications section.

Inventory Verification

To complement our crating, Cratex is able to consolidate multiple orders and verify inventory. This department is overseen by coordinators with over 20 years experience in project freight consolidation. Services include:

  • Receive and consolidate freight
  • Verify each part number with vendors packing list
  • Notify client and vendor of discrepancies
  • Load crates to client specifications
  • Create detailed packing lists and load plans
  • Mark crates accordingly
  • Supply finalized packing lists and load plans to client and freight forwarder

Heavy Lift Cranes and Forklifts

In Edmonton we have a covered 80,000 lb crane way. This affords us the ability to lift heavy material and load packaged containers onto chassis. Both our Calgary and Edmonton operations have 35,000 lb forklifts, a loading dock and overhead cranes. Contact us today to benefit from our equipment and expertise!

Flat Bed Trucking

We are able to pick up or deliver material in the Edmonton area.

Night Shift

The night shift was created in response to our customer needs, often our customers find themselves in a scenario where their product needs to be shipped immediately.

Having a large, equipped and experienced crew working through the night allows us to respond to urgent orders.

We know our success depends on your success.

Your deadlines become our deadlines!

Warehouse Marshalling

Consolidation projects are our specialty. We have covered storage with a fenced yard and video surveillance which ensures the security of your material.

Cratex is the optimal point for having your material consolidated, inventoried and packaged.

Throughout the course of the project we will keep you up to date with material we receive and where we are in the packaging process.